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Lifting hoist: you trick it? Avoidance of the purchase of lifting gear trap!

  Presumably everyone in the purchase of lifting hoist will often trick, buy home to use for a period of time, there are a variety of quality problems. Here, Xiaobian offer you buy trap "routines" and demolition methods.

  1, poor performance, poor quality

  Many consumers use hoist after a period of time found that the quality, performance is not as good as Purchasing Guide said durable and effective. A crane hoist for the safety of the operator, the progress of the project and the life of the product itself, can not be ignored. Do not underestimate a small lifting hoist, it not only allows us to save time and effort, the use of good can also increase the progress of the project.

  Demolition move: Consumers in the purchase of lifting hoist to a certain understanding and understanding, select the regular manufacturers to see what they need hoist type and size.

  2, the price erratic, lack of reference consumers

  Market price system chaos, businesses in order to seize most of the petty cheap psychology, bargaining with consumers slightly lower the price, so that consumers think they buy cheap and good quality products. Also some business vague price, so that consumers feel the price is reasonable, but at the time of the final checkout overweight.

  Demolition move: consumers shop more than a few stores, shopping time shopping around three. Do not be afraid of trouble and start casually, but to carefully choose, have their own judgments. Then determine a psychological price, do not be fooled by low prices. Also identify the product quality, go buy.

  3, businesses profit, deceive consumers

  Businesses will make use of the brand that consumers are pursuing or the current popular styles and specifications to make their own imitations and sell them at low prices with genuine packaging. Some consumers will seek to buy cheap, but no quality and after-sale guarantee.

  Demolition move: Since the business is the sale of imitation products, its weight and details are not as good as genuine, a little attention, you can find it is too light in quality or made flawed. In the purchase, should not covet the low price, to rational shopping.

  Summary: Xiaobian remind everyone: in the purchase of lifting gear, we must know their own needs, do not blindly buy. Yu lifting lifting production hoist (chain hoists, lever hoist, electric chain hoist ...) quality assurance, fair prices, all products are Chinese property insurance company underwriting, welcome to consult purchase. Also for everyone to visit the factory, we will be happy to help you.

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