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What if the electric hoist rusts?

  The rust condition of electric hoist will occur from time to time, which is related to wet application environment, improper protection and maintenance, or the collision in application. What should we do if the electric hoist is rusty? Do you want to do waste disposal directly?

  First of all, whether the waste should be treated directly, which is closely related to the degree of rust corrosion. It is assumed that the rust is significant, and the chain or shell presents a significant corrosion condition. Some even fall off a piece, so the condition must be directly invalidated. However, if only fine rust corrosion, as long as you can remove rust, detailed method is as follows.

  Can choose the steel ball or the derusting sandpaper, rusted parts to be swabbed, remove surface rust, simple and direct and very efficient. Other methods include chemical derusting method and laser derusting method, but these two methods are generally less used. If the degree of rust is relatively light, the rust removal method can be applied automatically and the lubricating oil can be applied continuously.

  If you want to keep electric hoist free from rust, you should do necessary maintenance and protection in ordinary days. After using it in wet or rainy or snow weather, you should remove water stains in time and apply lubricant to electric hoist.

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