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How to distinguish inferior wire rope hand pull gourd

  At present, the market sales of wire rope hand pull gourd mixed, there are different. Consumers have a certain lack of knowledge to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wire rope hand-pulled gourd, hebei yu carving clear contrast, so that you thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of hand-pulled gourd.

  There are differences between the hook factory test hook main control hook deformation and hook strength two indicators. General inferior wire rope hand hoist hook used for recovery and renovation products, folding deformation and other reduced strength of the local defects.

  The different unqualified products of machining and assembly quality are mainly reflected in the low machining accuracy of clamp journal, and the serious out-of-tolerance of coaxiality (no more than 005m is required). The clamping shaft mating end is not heat-treated, and the hardness value is low (hrc35-40 is required). The spring controlling the initial holding force is not selected properly, and the elastic force is either too large or too small. Some even put the forward handle in the dead center position by mistake, so that the mechanism can not work properly.

  Wire rope quality has difference to reduce cost, inferior product manufacturer matchs inferior wire rope, wire rope diameter exceeds national standard to set lower limit, use hemp core wire rope to replace siler type metallic core wire rope. The appearance of smooth and rough visibility standards require that the surface of the shell and handle should be painted with gloss, brightness, no stains, bubbles, falling off, wrinkle and rough inequality.

  All signs should be clear and complete. Paint of unqualified product is coarse, have current hang and flake phenomenon. Signs are confused, there is no production date or batch number, no work indicator arrow and warning sign for loose handle, random data cannot correctly guide users to use and maintain, and most manufacturers do not get production license. As long as serious to find will see a lot of different details, unqualified products exist certain safety risks. Some manufacturers only for personal interests to fill the old with new, shoddy, infringed on the rights and interests of consumers. Hebei yu carving advice, manufacturers produce national standard wire rope hand pull gourd, in addition to consumers do not covet a cheap, cheap small losses!!

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