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Lifting industry company's development and hand - pull hoist has a very important relationship

The hand hoist is a simple mechanical product that slowly lifts a car during maintenance. Although the head is not big, but if the product is unqualified, appeared quality problem, also can produce safe and dangerous great event to the customer.
"The quality of the product is not checking out, but the whole production process of" this is yu diao enterprises always adhere to the standard, pay attention to since the beginning of product manufacturing, from the management system in the development of the enterprise, the important parts inspection and production process inspection and product inspection method, combining from buy raw materials, processing technology to product assembly, not appropriate any link, according to buy parts quality for all products function influence size, use different and reasonable management mode, strictly controls the quality problem.
The nickname of the hand hoist is also called inverted chain, fairy gourd, is a manual lifting hoist. Quality is the root of hand-pulled gourd, but also a priority among priorities in the development of enterprises. It is also wise to develop enterprises by quality.

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