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About Lifting Chain Corrosion of Yudiao Brand Chain Block

  Lifting industry is no exception when technology becomes more and more developed, and its development is very fast, including chain block, lever block, electric block and others. With the widening of their application, you can see them everywhere. Chain blocks are likely to be corroded, if it is corroded, then what will happen?

  Reasons for corrosion: first, the anti-corrosion surface of the chain will be damaged after long term of use. Second, it cannot avoid being corroded when used in dump environment. Third, it is prone to be in corrosion if it get intouch with strong acid material. Therefore, the above occasions should be paid high attention.

  Methods to deal with the corroded chain: the corroded parts should be cleaned with something sharp and greased after that. Remember that when the corrosion is over 10% of the dia. of the chain, it should be scrapped.

  Notice about the corroded chain: the lifting capacity of the chain will decline when it is corroded with the changing of the dia.. Therefore a test is needed to find out the real capacity of the lifting chain.

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