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Shapes and Function of the Cover of Chain Block

  Shapes and Function of the Cover of Chain Block

  There are two types of shapes of the chain block cover, the round one and the triangle one which is better in performance than the former. Why? Here I will explain to you.

  1, The cover shape is designed by many times of scientific calculations instead of imagination. For example, the triangle one has the best steady performance as well as an impact inner structure which can protect its parts from breaking due to collision.

  2, Both of the two types of chain block are practical to the operation environment compared with square shape of cover which is very inconvenient and inclined to collision. Therefore you cannot find any hoist with square cover.

  3, Both the two can be used in narrow space which are space saving and flexible.

  This year, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting has released a new type of hoist which is the update of triangle one. This new product has obvious advantages over others with a 1.2 mm thickness of cover and edge curing technology.

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