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Hebei Yudiao Hoisting takes the lead in carrying out the stratedy of "Internet + traditional manufacturing"

  In my mind, standing on the draught of " Internet + ", China’s economy will take off. ‘Premier Li Keqiang said. "Internet +" represents a new economic form, that is, giving full play to the Internet in the allocation of production factor on optimizing and integration. The fruits created by Internet can be applied to every areas of economy and social life, thus enhancing the creativity and productivity of real economy, and entering economy new normal of lifting industry. In the government working report of 2015, Premier Li Keqiang proposed, ‘the planing of Internet+ is to enhance the connection of it with cloud computing, big data, Internet of things and modern manufacturing to promote the development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet of finance, and the share of global market of Internet enterprises. How to carry out the Internet plan for those manufactures?

  In order to adapt to the social trend, standing on the draught of economic development, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting takes initiative in carrying out the Internet+ Stratedy. The company wants to achieve its transformation and upgrading by intruducing new products and new model of sales. With the online of the Tmall Shop of Hebei Yudiao Hoisting, initial results have achieved. And traditional marketing is being replaced by the online marketing.

  In addition, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting has always been focusing on quality and set its target of ‘to be a brand of worldwide and supply high quality goods’. It takes steps to occupy market both at home and abroad. In order to achieve this goal, CEO Mr. Kou Jianhui has a clear blueprint. He even renamed the company to Hebei Yudiao Hoisting Equipment Technology Co,.LTD. from the original one- Hebei Yudiao Hoisting Equipment Co,.LTD to start to pay high attention to technology and hopes to get rid of the steretype of rough processing of the traditional manufacturing by innovation through the input of the R&D.

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