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Notice on Lifting Load when using Yudiao Brand Chain Block

  Notice on Lifting Load when using Yudiao Brand Chain Block.

  1, The load should be bundled properly and tightly on the rigging. Measures should be taken to prevent the rigging or lifted parts being cut by something angular such as by adding wood chips and so on.

  2, Escape route should be kept in mind before lifting ensure that no one will be injured if hooks or rope should be broken and rebounding. And non-staff ought to withdraw places out the reach of the hook falling.

  3, Trial lifting goes first before lifting i.e.: pulling the hand chain slowly to check the lifting point and rigging. Observe and make sure there are no problems with the lifting point and rigging when the load is 100 to 150 mm away from the ground. Before lifting, gravity center of the goods should be found out. And it should be kept right straight on line with the hook, if not, put down the load and adjust it instead of balance it personally.

  4, In case of chain slipping, operators should hold the chain while lifting the load and keep body away from the lifted objects. 5, Operators should cooperate well and a commander is needed when there are more than one lifting points in order to run the chain block steadily.

  6, Passing or lingering on the working area is not allowed for non-staff. And no one shall put their hands or legs in places where maybe cause danger for them.

  7, Operators should stand ground where is solid and seat belt is a must for working 2 meters above the ground.

  The above must be kept in mind. For more information, please do not hesitate to call us.

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