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Notices for Moving Horizontally the Chain Block

  It is easy for the chain block to lifting things on condition that it is well installed as well the hand chain is run. While if it is to move horizontally, then a monorail trolley is needed. Therefore there are some notices we should know as follows.

  1, No operate the chain block when there are irrelevant personnel within the working area.

  2, No one should be under the object when lifted. Carrying the loaded objects while it is high up to one’s head is not allowed.

  3, No riding on the lifted objects. The chain block should not be a tool used for loading personnel.

  4, The chain blocks and trolley should be avoided collision.

  5, The loaded object should not be hung on cable or others.

  6, when load chain of the chain block and the chain of trolley twist together, the operation should be stopped immediately.

  Labor is reduced and work efficiency is increased when the chain block used with monorail trolley. Do not hesitate to call us or pay us a visit if you have any interest in our products.

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