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Yudiao first fall to the ground "Internet+ Traditional manufacturin"

  Prime Minister Li Keqiang said: "I think, standing in the" Internet+ " will make China economy fly." "Internet +" represents a new economic form, which gives full play to the Internet in the optimization of the allocation of production factors in the role of innovation and integration, the depth of the integration of the Internet in various fields of economic society, enhance the real economy, innovation and productivity, to form a more extensive Internet infrastructure and tools a new form of economic development.

  In 2015 the government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed that "making" Internet +"action plan, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry combination, to promote e-commerce, the Internet industry and the healthy development of Internet banking, Internet guide enterprises to expand the international market." In the traditional manufacturing field, Internet plus should be how to do?

  In order to adapt to the trend of social economic development, standing in the air, yudiao in-house to actively promote the Internet+ change, through the introduction of new products, new sales model to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the company. At present, yudiao Tmall mall has a comprehensive display of network marketing mode is gradually replacing the traditional marketing model, Internet+ transformation achieved preliminary results.

  In addition, since yudiao will focus on the development, gathered in the "fine" word, made "a world brand, do fine yudiao" development goals, step by step to do deep domestic market and actively to the overseas market expansion. In order to achieve this goal, Kou Jianhui of yudiao planning for the future is very clear, he took the company name changed to yudiao hoisting equipment technology company, the industry began to focus on science and technology research and development, hope that through technology research and development investment, to innovative products, get rid of the traditional manufacturing mode of rough machining.

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