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Corporate social responsibility

  In today's social development process, the sense of corporate social responsibility has become more and more important. In many natural and man-made disasters, we can see that many enterprises participate in earthquake relief. They use their abilities and actions to give back to society and help society, which is worthy of admiration.

Corporate social responsibility

  So what is the sense of corporate social responsibility? It means a kind of responsibility and attitude of enterprises towards society. It is the social responsibility faced by enterprises. The way of expression includes paid or unpaid contributions to society. Forms include subsidies, donations, construction projects funded by enterprises, or donations of disaster materials, energy conservation and environmental protection projects, etc.

  There is an old saying in China: "everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world." This is to say that everyone should have a sense of responsibility towards the state and society. Therefore, both individuals and enterprises should have a strong sense of responsibility to the state and society. Enterprises should not only make money, but also serve the society, create culture, provide employment opportunities, and provide high-quality products and services to consumers at the lowest price. These are the objectives that enterprises should have, and also the mission of enterprises. If we carefully study those world-famous enterprises, we will find that no enterprise regards profit as its highest mission. Most of them regard the lofty mission of serving the society, benefiting mankind and changing life as the core of their corporate culture, which is what a truly excellent enterprise should do.

  Hebei Yudiao has always firmly believed in such a belief, with their own actions to give back to society, help society, when the country needs help to stand up, Yudiao believes that every Chinese enterprise must have what it should do, a sense of responsibility is not only the business of the enterprise, all the business of the enterprise is the most important thing. Finally, it should be implemented to every employee. A sense of mission is the eternal driving force for employees to move forward. Work is absolutely not only a tool for making a living, even a very ordinary job, but also an indispensable part of the social operation.