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At the top of the grand gathering, how can Yudiao got a great success.

  Recently, the “INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE” which is the largest and most influential international hardware industrial fair held successfully. The performance of Chinese enterprises in this exhibition is very bright. Among them, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. got the unanimous praise of the visitors.
At the top of the grand gathering, how can Yudiao got a great success.

  It is understood that the exhibition with a total of 2770 exhibitors from 58 countries around the world, during 4th to 7th of March, the exhibition received  more than 47’000 visitors from 143 countries, not only the exhibitor, but also the visitor have reached a new peak in the scale of the fair.
  China has stepped into the top 5 of the world's hardware manufacturer countries, and has gradually Gradually became the main force that can influence, promoted the development of the world hardware industry. As a top event in the hardware industry, the “INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE” has naturally become a rare opportunity for Chinese enterprises to go out and present themselves.

 At the top of the grand gathering, how can Yudiao got a great success.

    Hebei Yudiao always uphold the "Create world brand, to do excellent Yudiao" of the enterprise vision, strict quality control,  deeply explore the comprehensive performance of products, committed to offering products that fit for the different needs of users, so the product of Yudiao  is very outstanding in the competitive advantage in similar products.
   In this exhibition, the performance of Hebei Yudiao is very bright, provided customers with good user experience, and good product quality and long term warranty. Especially for the electric hoist, with  the features in long time working sustainability, low voltage start, good waterproof performance, it can meet the requirements of the operation in a variety of environments, which left a deep impression on everyone. Plenty of merchants from France, Russia, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Panama and Honduras , and especially the German local buyers, showed their great interest and professional recognition for the Yudiao products.
   The opening of the exhibition “INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR COLOGNE”, Germany, coincides with the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and the term of China's "Two Sessions".
Stressed in the "government work report" by Premier,  to "adamantly promote the economic globalization, maintenance free trade", China will stick to promote "neighbourhood" policy to construct new pattern of opening to the outside world, show confidence, contributes own strength to the world.

At the top of the grand gathering, how can Yudiao got a great success.
   By the guidance of national policy, China's manufacturing enterprises have already walked out of the country, but in the ring of the Chinese brand and creating the world famous brand, we still have a long way to go and a lot of thresholds to cross. The most important is the "innovation threshold" and "quality threshold".
   It is believed that China's demographic dividend period has passed, and low human cost processing enterprises are fading and disappearing at a visible speed.
   If you want to achieve competition of the enterprise and the product competition their own place in the future,  the technical innovation as must be the first driving force of the development of the enterprise, the quality of the product must be as the foundation, the perfect after-sales service and satisfying experience must be a bright spot, that is will be able to catch up and beyond the industry forefront.
   Hebei Yudiao promised that he will, and as always actively respond to the state's foreign trade policy, to create national brand as the guidance. With high quality products and perfect service, we will promote the development of China's hoisting and hoisting enterprises, to become a “golden card” in crane hoisting business area with the technology.

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