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Overload is Equal to Shorten the Service Life of the Hoist

  There are two main factors that affect the service life of the hoist, one is the speed of the chain being pulled, and the other is overload. Let us talk about the latter today. And hope our dear users will view it in the aspect of your own interest, after all the products’ service life matters.

  Overload is to lift the object overweighs the rated load of the hoist, which is due to the lack of checking the capacity, and which will make great influence on the service life of the hoist and the lifted objects as well as man.

  Overload operation is a breaking the law of the mechanical production via the changing of the strength and hardness of the machine, and thus it alters the relative data on the instruction and affects the use of it.

  Let me give you an example. A few days ago, we got a phone call from one of our users said that he suffered loss because of overload. Here is the story. His worker have not read the manual of the ten-ton hoist, and he lifted as much possible as the hoist can to be high efficient, and everything went well at the beginning until after the hoist is broken. There is an alarm sound before the break of the machine, but he did not care it which he noticed it as the alarm afterwards. The falling of the lifted objects following the breakage of the chain scared the worker. A fresh new hoist with 3 to 5 years’ guarantee ended its service life at the beginning of its career. Fortunately, there is no one getting hurt. But luck cannot visit us every time. Remember this and avoid overload.

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