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General principles of enterprise strategic management

  In the last article, I explained what is the enterprise strategic management and good enterprise strategic management play an important role in enterprise development.

enterprise strategic management

  In today's article, we will elaborate on the general principles and principles of enterprise strategic management.

  (1) The principle of adapting to the environment. The environmental impact will affect the business objectives and development direction of enterprises to a large extent. The formulation of enterprise strategy must pay attention to the interaction between the enterprise and its external environment. Such as the hardware industry, the change and development of the international trade and economic situation, international cooperation and exchanges, for hardware companies such as Yudiao has a great impact on the export trade of even around the whole production development of the enterprise.

  (2) The whole-process management principle.Strategy is a process, including strategy formulation, implementation, control and evaluation.In this process, each stage is mutually supportive and complementary from each other, ignoring any one of them, enterprise strategic management is impossible to succeed. Hebei Yudiao in the operation and management, regarded the company as a whole and every department is a service parts for the whole.From raw material purchase, workshop production, marketing, property management, logistics service, and many other links to the arrangement of the unified deployment, strive to complement each other closely linked.

  (3)The overall optimal principle. Strategic management should treat the enterprise as a whole and emphasize the overall optimum rather than the local optimum. Strategic management coordinates the activities of all units and departments by formulating the purpose and objectives of the enterprise, so as to make them work together.In Hebei Yudiao, for example, the production department and sales department can be said to be the two start sector of the enterprise, but in the strategic management, regardless of the production workshop and marketing and other functional departments are all need to work around the best ratio of production and marketing, overproduction or sales soared could just do bad harm to enterprise.

  (4)The principle of full participation.Because strategic management is a overall management and has a whole process of formulation, implementation, control, and revision, so not only about leadership and strategic management, in the whole process of strategic management, the staff will be involved in. When Yudiao formulating strategic management, from formulating, revising to the implementing, control, adjustment, all the staff participate together, anyone can put forward opinions and suggestions, thus can greatly promote the operability of the strategy.

  (5)The principle of feedback correction.The time span involved in strategic management is large, generally over five years.The implementation process of strategy is usually divided into several stages, so the overall strategy is implemented in steps.Environmental factors may change during the implementation of the strategy. At this point, the enterprise can ensure the adaptability of strategy only through constant tracking and feedback.Yudiao in early 2018, set up the "Three to five years strategy ". We take a variety of factors into consideration when formulating the strategy, but still will be interrupted by many other factors in the process of implementation, such as the external environment, internal change. Which needs leaders control strategy implementation, repeatedly modified fixed direction of enterprise development, to ensure that the enterprise toward the correct path.

  (6) From the outside to the inside principle.Great strategy is made from the outside to the inside and not from the inside from outside. Which means that the enterprise develop strategy should start from the external environment factors such as external development trend, from inside to outside, follow the law of the external market demand, carry on prompt adjustment to the enterprise organization and planning, in order to the market context and stable development.

  The above six points are the general principles that enterprises need to follow in their strategic management.These six principles can help enterprise leaders and managers to make scientific management plans in all aspects and avoid omissions and mistakes.