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Construction of Hebei YUDIAO carving two phase project

With the continuous expansion and development of the company's strength and business capabilities, the second phase of Hebei Yudiao project, which has been planned for a long time, began to be formally constructed in August 2018.
Hebei Yudiao Lifting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, where China's lifting industry cluster is located. It was founded in 2005. The company has 60 acres of office buildings and modern factories. It is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates R & D, production, sales and service of heavy products. Our products rely on the domestic market, e-commerce, export trade, and are widely sold in more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and exported to more than 20 countries and regions. Yudiao brand series products have passed the CE certification of EC products and GS certification of Rhine Company in Germany. At the same time, Yudiao in Hebei Province is also the executive director unit of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce.
In order to respond positively to the call of "Innovation Driven, Quality First, Green Development, Structural Optimization and Talent Oriented" in "National Manufacturing 2025", Yudiao summarized and formulated a "3-5-year Strategic Plan" to promote the transformation of enterprise management mode, positioning of business mode and new product development.
In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the "3-5 year strategic plan" formulated by Yudiao, the company decided to expand the production scale and start the construction of the second phase project. The two phase of the project covers an area of about 15 mu and is used to build modern chemical plants.
Hebei Yu carving believes that it is necessary to expand the scale and production line of enterprises. The expansion of enterprise scale will help to improve the efficiency and economy of enterprises. The establishment of the second phase project can better increase the power of production for future enterprises and bring economic development at the same time. This will be more conducive to the improvement of production line, the introduction of high-end automated production and testing equipment, and attracting more talents to participate. The development and construction of the company, efficiency and economy are common and common development. At the same time, it represents a company's lofty goal and its own strength.
Yu carving decided to expand the company's plant construction plan for a long time. The expansion of the factory area is an important reflection of the company's development and long-term goals. Yudiao has a complete set of technical system and production lines, and has a good formulation system from R&D personnel to technical types. On this basis, how to increase the production efficiency of the industrial chain, improve the efficiency of the enterprise, expand the construction and development of the factory area is of great importance. The expansion of the factory area will mark that Yudiao will enter a new, faster and more efficient development era, and will certainly enhance the influence and creativity of the company's brand. It is of great significance for Yu Diao's long-term plan and development goals to implement the characteristics of coexistence of efficiency and economy in the development of enterprises and to speed up the construction and development of the strength of the company.
Construction of Hebei YUDIAO carving two phase project