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chain hoist manufacturers: lifting industry must be eliminated attitude

  When a brand of hand chain hoist sales surge, some companies will think about why their business will be so good, in fact, they are in the development of the road, will be out of these mentality ...

  1, the product blindly follow the trend

  When others are doing high-end chain hoists, you also follow the trend; when others are in line with the public product, you follow suit. This endless follow-up, whether to allow your business for long-term development? The answer is no. There is no direction and the mainstream of the business, just blindly to imitate others, and ultimately will only bring down the business. So, when doing products, should be combined with the enterprise itself, dig a path of their own.

  2, too and too!

  Some hand chain hoists manufacturers see the economic situation in recent years is not good, guarding the old products, can be sold to sell, lost the passion of the past. Forget it and sell it for a while and then do it for a while, and the main businesses are all mixed up, like the grocery store. As long as the day is still decent, keep it that way. When the business has this mentality, you can think there is no chance to enlarge? This affect the future development of enterprises mentality, please out of time!

  3, love accounted for cheap

  We all know that the only business integrity to retain customers. However, there are always individual companies relying on the other vendors and very familiar with the boss, from time to time will default on payment. Use this kind of means to take the manufacturer cheaper, sooner or later will be eliminated by the entire industry.

  Hebei Yu-lifting equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has been "a world brand, Yu-quality products to do" as the vision, continue to break through innovation, research new products. To do their own brand, take the road to sustainable development, is our unshakeable goal.

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