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HSZ-E Chain Hoist

  • Brand:yudiao HSZ-E Chain Hoist
  • Original:Hebei China
  • Material:Alloy steel
  • Surface Treatment:Powder Coating
  • MOQ:100 HSZ-E Chain Hoist
  • Package:Carton/Wooden case
  • Port:Tianjin/Shanghai
  • Payment:T/T L/C
  • Shippment:by sea
  • Delivery:30-45days
  • Price:15.29-16.2(USD)

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  Product Name: HSZ-E -type chain hoist

  Product Category: Hand chain hoist

  Product Description : Hebei Yudiao Hoisting is a factory expert in manufacturing HSZ-E-type chain hoist which has won its customers recognition due to its full range of sizes, advanced production technique and strict testing.

  Product Features :

  1.Gearbox and cover with shock resistance make it service life longer.

  2. Mechanically controlled clutch make it more stable;

  3.Automatic double pawl springs make it more durable;

  4.Hooks combined with high strength and practical utility make greater security;

  5.G80 alloy steel lifting chain and galvanized hand chain;

  Technical parameters:

  Product Description :

  (1)Chain hoist is a kind of manual lifting equipment that is simple to use, easy to carry. It plays a extremely important role outdoors or where there is no power.

  (2)It is safe, reliable and easy to maintain, and it has high mechanical efficiency and small bracelet tension.

  (3) It has light weight,beautiful appearance, small size, and it is durable.


  (1) Make sure all parts are intact before using, and do not throw the hoist.

  (2) The lifting weight shall not exceed the rated weight, and there should be no more than one hoist being used at the same time.

  (3) It can not be pulled horizontally, too high or too low. Do not use the hoist when the chain is bent or kinked.

  (4)People standing below the hoist when lifting heavy objects is forbidden. And do not drag hard when the chain can not be moved.

  We can also provide our customers with products according to the samples and design drawings sent to us to meet their different needs. We adhere to the principle of science and technology is the primary productive force and strictly follow out the quality standards the entire process from the procurement of raw materials to the transport of goods. 100% passing rate is our goal in order to ensure high quality goods

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