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   Hand chain hoist is a common lifting tool, because of its simple to use, easy to carry, mainly used in docks, mines, construction sites, docks, factories, warehouses and other places. Chain hoists widely used in life, has brought a lot of convenience to people, become the darling of people. In the course of the use of inevitable there will be a variety of problems, we take a look at the use of chain hoists and maintenance methods to reduce the number of problems.

  Use rules

  1, forbid two or more hoists to hoist a heavy object at the same time

  2, can not exceed the rated load

  3, can only be vertical force, can not tilt the crane

  4, can not throw the gourd

  5, the chain is prohibited to use when kinking

  6, staff are strictly prohibited under heavy lifting or walking

  7, found that hand pull greater than normal hand pull force should immediately stop using for overhaul, not tug, nor increase the deadline

  Maintenance method

  1, the use should be cleaned gourd and coated with anti-rust grease, stored in a dry place.

  2, maintenance and repair should be more familiar with gourd agencies to prevent those who do not understand the principle of random performance machine disassembly.

  3, gourd after cleaning and maintenance, should be carried out no-load test to confirm the normal work, reliable braking, to deliver.

  4, the brake's friction surface must be kept clean. Brake parts should always be checked to prevent brake failure, heavy weight phenomenon.

  I believe we understand the use of chain hoists rules and maintenance methods will to some extent reduce the incidence of accidents will also extend the life of hand chain hoist to ensure operator safety and increase the progress of the project. Yu carved hand chain hoist models complete, fair price, quality assurance, in line with European CE safety standards, welcome to consult purchase.