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Aluminium alloy hand pulls gourd, choose heibei yu diao

  Often talk about aluminum alloy chain should have a lot of people know yu diao card aluminum chain, in the lifting handling equipment, hebei yu diao lifting equipment technology co., LTD. In domestic aluminum alloy chain products is one of the best in the world, with high performance, high security and so on eight big performance advantages, won the praise of consumers.

  Hebei yu diao aluminum alloy hand hoist product overall design is very clever, the design is not only reasonable but also in line with the concept of ergonomics. Design rotation gear and other parts after high temperature treatment, so that the aluminum alloy hand-pull hoist has a higher wear resistance and strong adaptability, cold, hot, heavy work and so on, suitable for a variety of work environment, after high temperature treatment of aluminum alloy hand-pull hoist, life will be 1~3 times longer than the ordinary raw.

  Because hebei yu diao-aluminum hand-pull gourd itself small, and has high performance and high security, so that the aluminum hand-pull gourd more spiritual, obviously qiaodangong general, operators feel more comfortable, can be more relaxed and pleasant to complete a variety of operations. Chain is made of high quality alloy material, can withstand more than four times drag force, again to ensure the safety of the operation, the alloy material after hot working, it has strong toughness, toughness, the more the more can guarantee operation safety, especially when overload chain won't suddenly broken, but the chain will change as a result of being overweight bend, when found bending, please don't use again, a new aluminum alloy chain should be replaced. Hebei yudiao aluminum alloy hand hoist chain through rust prevention treatment, treatment process of carbon black can make the chain effectively prevent oxidation rust, corrosion, etc..

  Hebei yu diao lifting equipment technology co., ltd. has been climbing up, yu diao aluminum alloy hand-pull gourd in the future aluminum alloy hand-pull gourd market, still need more efforts and progress, is bound to do better aluminum alloy hand-pull gourd.

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