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Key points for construction and installation of hand-pulled hoist

The welding of the oil tank is usually finished by welding the electric hoist of the tank, but it is also useful to pull the hoist by hand for construction. The construction procedures and equipment problems of manual hoist moving upside down are as follows:
Chain travel inversion construction process: the laid of floor, column, wall plate of the equipment (spot welding place limit circle, balance center pillar and lifting columns, ring Settings, wall plate equipment), the roof assembly, internal floating plate assembly (tank bottom rigor experiment can choose the vacuum leak test method or ammonia leakage method, the rigor of tank wall experiments are conducted by water filling and inner floating disc plate should be chosen to check the vacuum method, experimental negative pressure value should not be less than 300 mm hg. The welding seam between the marginal side plate and the internal floating plate and the butt welding seam of the marginal side plate are checked by oil leakage method) and tightness test.
The hand pulls a gourd to move forward the key of equipment of inversion method: the move of every canister body wants unified command, accomplish the requirement is consistent, move in position
After all to be adjusted. Each equipment welding around the wall plate will be vertical detection of the column, the vertical requirements of the column to find out the reasons and timely treatment.

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