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Yu diao hand pull gourd shell shape and role

  Yu diao hand pull gourd shell shape and role

  The shell of hand-pulled gourd in the market generally has the shape of round and triangle, but the performance of triangle shell is better than that of circular shell, what is the reason? Yu diao to your patience under the explanation

  1. The shell shape of the hand-pulled gourd is not imagined out of thin air, but is developed after scientific design and calculation and numerous implementations. For example, the later design of the triangular shape of the hand pull housing, this shape is the best stability, and with the internal parts of the compact structure, once the impact can effectively protect the internal parts from damage.

  2. These two hand-pulled gourds are more in line with the actual use environment. If the hand-pull housing is made into a square, it is very inconvenient to use, and it is easier to collide with other objects, so I have not heard of the hand-pull housing.

  3. Hand-pulled gourds are often used in confined Spaces, while the round and triangular hand-pulled enclosures can save space to the greatest extent, and are flexible and convenient, which are very suitable for narrow and restricted Spaces.

  This year, hebei yudiao lifting equipment science and technology co., ltd. developed a new type of integrated pressure cover shell hand-pull hoist, which is upgraded on the basis of triangular hand-pull hoist, cover shell thickness of 1.2mm, and the use of curling technology, concave and concave, compared with other hoist has obvious advantages.

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