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DHS chain electric hoist 2T*9M small crane for household use

  DHS chain electric hoist 2T*9M small crane for household use

  Low speed electric hoist chain operation problem of yudiao for your grief

  Low speed electric chain hoist is a new product of yudiao newly developed company, it not only retains the characteristics of chainhoists compact and convenient, low speed electric hoist chain and improved the manual chain hoists, lifting speed problem, it sets the electric hoist and chain hoist and the advantages of a body, using disc brake motor, driving gear reducer has compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, easy maintenance and reliable braking.

  Low speed ring chain electric hoist is mainly used in flammable and explosive gas environment, with the lifting machinery to play a better effect. And reducer as an important part of lifting equipment, once there is a problem, there may be a lot of harm, then what are the common failures of reducer?

  1, reducer vibration. Check whether the axes of the connecting reducer and the drive shaft and the passive shaft are in the same center, and whether the tightness is normal. Check the stiffness of the base or bracket.

  2 、 reducer heating. If the temperature exceeds the humidity of the air around 40 degrees, the absolute value of more than 80 degrees should stop using, need to check the bearing is good, whether there is sufficient lubricating oil between the bearing and gear, and the rotation is normal working hours.

  4, produce noise. The continuous noise is caused by the extrusion and running in between the top and the root of the tooth, and the sharp angle of the top of the tooth can be processed with a slight reduction. Uneven noise is produced because the angle of the bevel gear is different or the hole on the side of the reducer is different, so that the gear contact is at the end of the tooth. In general, this situation is not easy to repair, it should be scrapped, sometimes because of the assembly, which is mixed with foreign objects, in the outer ring of rolling bearings, need to be carefully checked.

  3, tooth surface contact bad. In the process of gear engagement, the tooth surface can not run along the original tooth depth, so that the tooth surface appears uneven or side of the phenomenon. The reason is uneven gear, non-standard processing, or reducer, the center distance, parallel axis deviation is too large.

  Low speed ring chain electric hoist plays an important role in the hoisting machinery industry. The lifting tools and lifting machines are widely used, which is destined to play an important role in low speed chain hoist. Check the problem of the reducer, try to find a solution, in order to ensure the normal use of low speed chain hoist, and ensure the normal operation of lifting operations!

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