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  Electric hoist is a small light lifting equipment. Most electric hoists are operated by the person using the button on the ground, or they can be manipulated in the driver's room or wired (wireless) for long-distance control. Electric hoist is mainly used in electric power, ships, mining, automobile manufacturing, construction, roads, bridges, etc., electric hoist is divided into electric chain hoist, mini electric hoist, electric wire rope hoist; The main push models, complete specifications, can be customized. A look at the use of electric hoist rules and maintenance tips.

  Electric hoist rules:

  1, before lifting the mechanical parts should be checked equipment, wire rope, hooks, stoppers should be intact, check the electrical parts should be no leakage, the grounding device should be good. Every time lifting objects, 10cm off the ground should be checked parking brake, to confirm the intact before the work. Open-air operation should be set rain shelters.

  2, are not allowed to overload lifting, lifting hands are not allowed to hold between the rope and objects, hanging objects rise, prevent collision.

  3, lifting objects to be tied firmly, and in the center of gravity. Hanging walk, heavy objects from the ground not too high, non-heavy objects from crossing the human head, the work gap shall not be suspended in the air.

  4, electric hoist odor occurred in the lifting process, high temperature should immediately stop checking to find out the reasons, after treatment can continue to work.

  5, after the work is completed, electric hoist should stop in the designated location, hook up, and cut off the power.

  Electric hoist maintenance:

  1, Regular lubrication of the lubrication points of electric hoist, such as gearboxes, bearings, wire rope, etc., and the lubricant to comply with the requirements of the manual.

  2, on a regular basis to inspect the wearing parts, such as brake rings, gears, etc., find problems in a timely manner.

  3, CD-type electric hoist repair assembly, the proposal should be upright assembly, reducer below, when the reel and cover mounted on the reducer, and then install the motor, and then hoist horizontal placement, reloading trolley and electrical installations.

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