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The sound development of an enterprise cannot be separated from good employee relations

  Enterprise, which could pick the right man for the right job, can has the flow power of the development. Hebei Yudiao thinks that in daily business, in addition of recruit, if we conduct the the effective management of employee relationship can make them play the maximum energy, This is also the question of managers need to think deeply.

development of an enterprise

  So-called employee relationship management, is in the enterprise human resources system, the management staff at all levels and functions of human resource management, through the formulation and implementation of human resources policies and the management behavior, and other means to regulate the management of communication between enterprises and employees, employees and employees of mutual contact and influence, so as to realize the goal of organization and to ensure add value for employees and society.

  Why conduct the employee relationship management?

  Employee relationship coordination is the premise to achieve the corporate goals. The realization of the corporate goals is not a matter of one person, but a joint effort of all members.Employee relations coordination is the foundation of shaping the corporate image, the way of public knowing the enterprise is to contact the internal employees. The way of employees to treat people, manners, and even temperament and demeanor, either directly or indirectly spread the enterprise’s information. The harmonious employee relations can be very effective for the enterprise image points.Employee relationship coordination is the fundamental condition for the success of an enterprise. Harmonious employee relationship can generate strong cohesion, and strong cohesion can stimulate employees' potential and increase creativity.

  How to conduct employee relationship management?

  Second, is the staff discipline management. So-called "nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards", in the process of development, Yudiao has been perfecting enterprise's rules and regulations, all kinds of discipline, and constantly stressed and guide employees to abide by, improve the staff's organizational discipline, constraint effect to the employee code of conduct.

  Third, is the interpersonal relationship management.Enterprises should guide employees to establish good working relations from the aspects of system and management's own demonstration.According to Yudiao,, only by creating a harmonious working environment with a harmonious atmosphere can employees better integrate themselves into it and promote the growth of a harmonious atmosphere.

  Fourth,is the communication management. Ensure the smooth communication channels, guide two-way communication in the company from up to down timely , improve the staff suggestion system.Yudiao adopts vertical management system, but promotes cross-level reporting system in terms of feedback and suggestions, so as to ensure that questions and suggestions from grassroots employees can be heard.

  Fifth,is the employee performance management.To formulate scientific assessment standards and systems and implement reasonable assessment procedures, the assessment work can not only reflect the performance of employees, but also promote their work enthusiasm.

  Sixth, is the staff management. Yudiao pays great attention to employees' attitude and believes that only good condition can enable them to give full play to their best working ability.However, in terms of rumors and work slowdowns, we take a very serious and even severe attitude and resolutely prevent the damaging of bad information to the working atmosphere. At the same time, strengthen the understanding of the family and other situations of employees, and provide timely help for them to solve problems.

  Seventh, is the construction of enterprise culture. Build a positive, effective, healthy and progressive corporate culture, guide employees' values, and maintain the company's good image.Yudiao has always taken "co-create, co-share, co-undertake co-honor" as the core value concept of the enterprise, and built the concept of co-integration between the enterprise and employees.

  Eighth, is the service and support. According to Yudiao, only a good balance between life and work can give employees enough energy to use their creativity.It is also necessary and responsible for enterprises to provide consulting services related to national laws, company policies, personal mind and body, etc. for employees to help them balance work and life.

  Ninth, is the employee relationship management training.Only through systematic learning to understand the importance of employee relations and how to build a good employee relationship can people be more aware of the practice of harmonious working atmosphere.For this reason, Yudiao will often organize staff training in interpersonal communication, communication skills and other aspects to help employees learn relevant knowledge.

  In conclusion, the life of a enterprise as a living, the staff is the cell of a enterprise to survival and development, achieve the goal of enterprises and the interests of all plans, policies, measures depend on the staff to achieve them.Therefore, a good and harmonious employee relationship must be established if the enterprise is to achieve rapid and healthy development.