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Yu Diao in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam International Hardware Fair, and you see it

  December 6, 2017 -9, Hebei Yuchai Lifting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in the Vietnam International Hardware Exhibition, then Yu carving company will display the company's latest R & D products and facelift new products, Yu carving company in recent years has been committed to Develop the global market, adhering to the "world brand, quality products Yu carving" Yu car companies always adhere to the coexistence of quality and safety, integrity is still.

  Yu Diao Vietnam exhibition

  Vietnam International Hardware Exhibition is one of the three major exhibitions of the machinery industry in Vietnam, which is held by China Machinery (Vietnam) Exhibition. It is the only mechanical exhibition with the theme of "China Machinery" The advantage of "cheapness" meets the strong demand of Vietnam during the period of "reform and opening up" and is the exhibition that best meets the needs of the current market in Vietnam. With its large scale, leading enterprises, high degree of professional audience, huge turnover and high satisfaction rate, Enjoy a high reputation in the local and famous in the ASEAN countries, is China's machinery to enter the Vietnamese market shortcut. With all kinds of excellent development potential and advantages in Vietnam, Vietnam Hardware Fasteners Exhibition is definitely an international event that caters to market trends and provides an ideal trading platform for those interested in expanding their business in Vietnam. Vietnam International Machinery Exhibition held over the same period is a large-scale comprehensive exhibition is Vietnam's annual annual promotion of one of the most important international trade is for Vietnamese domestic and foreign businessmen Tigong full trade exchange and cooperation between the most authoritative trading platform for foreign companies to promote new products , The best chance of new technology.

  Vietnam is one of the member states of the ASEAN Free Trade Area. In recent years, Vietnam has enjoyed rapid economic growth and the top 10 developing countries in the world. Vietnam is known as the world's top investment and is only the fifth emerging country in the BRIC countries. Vietnam is the best springboard and the most convenient channel for Chinese products to enter the consumption market of 500 million ASEAN population. In the past decade, the volume of trade between China and Vietnam increased more than 100 times. With the formal establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and the beginning of the trade-free tariff era, it has brought boundless new business opportunities for Chinese enterprises to develop the ASEAN market. In recent years, a large amount of infrastructure and industrial development in Vietnam have brought about the growth in the consumption of steel and the rapid development of the metallurgical, mechanical and metal processing industries. However, due to the fact that Vietnam's metal processing and machinery manufacturing industry experienced more than 10 years of development, although the reliance on imports has declined, the degree of specialization remains very low with imports still around 60%. This provides tremendous opportunities for Chinese related enterprises that have contributed to the Vietnam market.

  It is worth noting that Vietnam's metal processing and industrial products rely on imports, up to 94%, leaving only the remaining 6% of their own production, the market has great potential. Among them, machinery tools and components accounted for the largest proportion of imported products. At present, Vietnam has added a number of industrial zones to meet the rapidly expanding demand for manufacturing while attracting investors with varying degrees of economic policies such as reducing land and rental prices and lowering taxes. Investment in Vietnam to build assembly plant, both to promote exports of components and technology, but also reduce tariff costs and enhance the competitiveness of their products. ASEAN will be an important market for fastener exports in the future.

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