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Enterprises have a long way to go to strengthen quality control

  Lactalis, a French dairy industry giant, was caught in a tainted milk scandal in last December.

  In an recent interview, CEO Emmanuel Bernier said that the tainted milk scandal in 2017 is exactly the same as the scandal in 2005. The pathogenic bacteria are the same type of salmonella, the source is located in the kroner plant no. 1 drying tower.In 2005, there was a massive outbreak of salmonella contamination in France.The kroner plant, which was contaminated in 2006, was bought by the lakota group.

  Consumers are shocked by the news. Because this means that the products of the factory are at risk of contamination after 2005 , which is unprecedented in the volume of products sold in more than 80 countries around the world.

  Nowadays, with the tendency of globalization and information, the quality of product is under the public's eye.

  Companies face more and more stringent supervision environment. It requires that enterprises must enhance the ability of self scrutiny. Only in this way, can the defective product be able to stifled in the cradle timely.

  Hebei Yudiao has foresight at the point. As a company that sells products to dozens of countries around the world, product quality is the magic weapon for enterprises to win, and the monitoring of product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development.

  Mr. Kou, the chairman of Yudiao, always says that the danger in the use of lifting equipment is much larger than other ordinary work. Any little mistake may cause loss in property, more severe will do harm to the life of the workers. We can imagine, what would happen if the quality of the product has question. As the leader of a company,from corporate interests, the highly quality products can make the enterprise go farther and longer. But from the point of view of me as an ordinary person, it is the utmost respect for people's life to ensure the safety of every lifting product. So Hebei Yudiao attach great importance to the control of product quality. We have introduced eight chain production lines, two sets of automated assembly line. We upgrade from production to testing and inject more science and technology in the product. In order to minimize the impact of possible factors on the product due to differences in operating techniques, operating specifications, etc. Especially we introduced advanced physical and chemical testing equipment, control over the quality of products scientific and rigorous. Don not miss any possible defects and prevent the inferior products flow into the market from the source

  While globalization brings convenience and sharing to us, it also brings risks and potential harms to everyone. Only do conscience enterprise, strengthen the control on own product quality can make our consumers take easy.