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Common troubles of brake motor of ring chain electric hoist

As one of the most popular products in China, the chain electric hoist is sure to have some common faults in mechanical use. Today, we should sort out the faults of the common chain electric hoist.

1, motor overheating: divided into two cases, one for the machine itself heat dissipation, a chain of electric hoist itself mechanical failure.

1) the motor and the outside of the shell have too much dirt and dirt, which leads to the lack of effective heat dissipation.

2) the fan inside the motor is too dusty or does not turn, it can not effectively heat the normal.

3) the brake clearance is too small, the brake is not completely disengaged, leading to increased friction, according to the principle of friction heat, the temperature will rise.

2, the motor does not change: for mechanical failure, internal circuit and voltage.

1) voltage: in the course of operation, if the voltage is low, and the safety voltage of the electric hoist itself, resulting in the motor can not reach the running speed, so there will be stopping phenomenon.

2) power fuse damage, high strength lifting work, it is easy to cause the power fuse to burn out, and so on, so should change the power fuse regularly.

3) overload, the customer can not determine by extract weight in ascension, cause is likely to exceed the maximum load, causing the motor overload or even directly stop.

3, the chain electric hoist brake after the decline, one for the brake itself damage, or brake nut is not in the standard use line.

1) the brake has problems, the brake inner ring is sticky with grease, or the contact surface of the brake ring is too small and the contact is bad.

2) brake nut, this problem may be artificial adjustment or use too long vibration, resulting in brake nut appear loose, as long as the instructions to adjust to the best.

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