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“Training culture”-- The perpetual motion to promote the development of an enterprises

   Recently, a widely acclaimed program held on CCTV --  "National Treasure". From each of the nine major national museums, three treasures of the town hall has selected, to talk about the story of  its "Past and Present Life."
   In fact, compared with the valuable of cultural relics, the editor thinks that behind these cultural relics, the countless spiritual and cultural treasures, which is even more brilliant in the millennium.
   Even the country is still so, to be based on its development, the enterprise should have its own unique corporate culture. It can be said that the culture is the soul of the enterprise, and it is the inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of the enterprise. In many corporate culture, training culture is the perpetual motion to promote the enterprises to continuously advance.
   The editor believes that the corporate training culture includes two aspects -- one is the training of employees; the other one is the training of corporate clients.
   For staff training, on the one hand, we need to train their industry knowledge and skills. On the other hand, we must carry out enterprise values training, improve staff quality and enhance centripetal force cohesion.
   In this regard, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has adopted a very effective method. For example, regular training sessions let everyone learn from each advanced work experience. The topics are shared from different levels and perspectives, so from their own work and life the employees can express their own life experiences. Diversified training has promoted the employees to treat their work an life multi-dimensionally and multi-anglely, and enhanced the business environment and interpersonal relationship harmony.
   The training of enterprise customers, on the one hand is the pre-sales training, which can help customers more comprehensive and accurate understanding of enterprise products and their own needs; on the other hand is the after-sales service training, it can effectively help customers solve the problem in using product, to improve production efficiency and reduce losses.
   The training of customers is an embodiment of responsibility for a enterprise, also it reflects the confidence of their products. In order to accelerate the promotion of service transformation and upgrading between enterprises and customers, strengthening the core concept of customer service supremacy, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.   set up 12 special offline service training courses.
   January 25th, the President Mr. Kou and Deputy General Manager Mr. Fu of Hebei Yudiao, led a team to Suzhou Changshu to an auto parts manufacturing limited company (the world's leading auto parts trader and manufacturer) for a special product training, in the purpose of the training in upgrading product purchasing and business negotiation skills, shared his nearly 20 years’ industry experience with the presence of colleagues.
   The content of this training meeting is mainly included in several aspects. First, the principle and usage of A-type chain hoist and B-type lever hoist; Second, the research and development direction and the latest detection technology of Yudiao Hoists; Third, the market situation and development prospect of hoisting industry. Besides, there was also a Q&A session at the conference, which was answered by many details and combined with practical cases in many years.
   It is learnt that, in order to promote transformation and upgrading of services between enterprises and customers, Hebei Yudiao Hoisting Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. jointly helps enterprises adjust their service structure, and carry out on-the-spot service customers. "Customer service training program", really "speak out" and "go out" to help customers fully understand the lifting industry products, sales, testing technology, to break "only sales, no customer service" of the traditional enterprises, to achieve real customer service. Promote the interaction between customers and sellers, promote each other, growth together, and realize the value and status of promotion in the global sales.
   The training completed two tasks, first is to let the customer understand the full range of Yudiao products, the same time solved the problems they have encountered before, completed the good after-sales service, promoted the transformation and upgrading of services; second is through the communication, Hebei Yudiao can be more in-depth understand the  customers’ needs, to provide more data to support new product development direction, it can be said that “kill two birds with one stone”.
   The training of culture is the promotion of knowledge and skills for people, and the foundation of development for enterprises. To be good at learning and using the training culture will be one of the indispensable abilities of the future enterprise development.

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