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"What is the execution?" -- Hebei Yudiao carry on a study activity

  "Execution" has always been a very important subject in enterprise management. During the regular meeting last week, Yudiao conducted a discussion on "what is the execution".

  What is the execution?


  Execution is a kind of power that under the premise of established strategy and vision, the organization makes comprehensive coordination of the resources of the internal and external, work out the feasible strategy, so as to achieve organizational goals and achieve organizational vision through the implementation of effective measures.

  Execution is a variable, and different performers get different results when performing the same thing. But the implemented events or goals must have a standard, Specific,Measurable, Attainable, Relevant,Time-based, and can be referred to as SMART principle.

  Yudiao thinks that in enterprise's production and operation process, to achieve their goals, it can be divided into personal execution parts and team executive. Individuals perform contained within the team, the team execution result is the realization of the goals of a business or not.

  Personal execution is to turn commands and ideas into actions, and then actions into results. accomplish the tasks with nice quality and quantity. In order to improve personal execution, it involves another concept, dynamic execution, which is to use subjective initiative to find ways and techniques to improve their execution. Yudiao requires employees to ask why before implementation, think about why they need to do the work, and then make clear their ideas and find out how to decompose the work in a step-by-step manner. In general, Yudiao’s employees usually do according to the PDCA cycle, P (Plan) to develop A Plan, D (Do) to perform, C (Check) - inspection results, A (Action) - > Action, to deal with summary of inspection results, success and failure experience.

  And Yudiao will be according to the specific situation and the content of the work for everyone or link, set up reasonable rewards and punishments measures, using forms, such as the monthly competition congress to urge and encourage everyone to speed up the work progress, improve the work efficiency. Every employee has a yardstick for their own work.

  If the individual execution is a brick in the Great Wall, then the team executive force is the beacon tower. The so-called team execution is the satisfaction, accuracy and speed of transforming the strategy decision into the result continuously. What is shown externally is the team's fighting power, competitiveness and cohesion.Communication is the most important in improving and strengthening team execution.It is necessary to communicate with superiors how to timely understand the work progress and difficulties of subordinates, and how subordinates can understand the intention and purpose of enterprise policies or actions correctly and effectively. Yudiao adopt both the formal communication and informal communication methods. Formal communication includes daily and weekly reports, weekly meetings, interviews and other formal ways to track work progress and situation. Informal communication, mainly the small talk after lunch or after work, can help you to get the problems in your work or the loopholes in the implementation. Yudiao believes that good team execution must be able to upload and release, respond quickly and ensure smooth communication.

  The key to execution is through institutions. System, corporate culture and other norms guide employees to correct behaviors. Strong and powerful implementation is the embodiment of the overall quality of the enterprise, and it is also the most powerful windsail of the enterprise in the fierce market competition.