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   Explosion-proof series of products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, oil depots, oil depots, gas and other potential fire and explosion dangerous environment, Yu Diao production tools mainly aluminum bronze, bronze as a rough.

  Explosion-proof tools for the use of rules and maintenance:

  1, non-overload use. It is forbidden to operate other than manpower. Before use, make sure the parts are intact, the transmission part and the lifting chain are lubricated well, and the idling condition is normal. Check whether the hanging hook is up and down before lifting. Do not hang heavy objects in the wrong tip.

  2, the lifting chain should be suspended vertically, there must be no wrong twist of the chain, the double line of the lower hook frame shall not flip. The operator should stand in the same plane with the bracelet wheel and drag the bracelet so that the bracelet wheel rotates in the clockwise direction to lift the heavy object. When the bracelet is pulled in the opposite direction, the bracelet slowly descends. When lifting heavy objects, it is forbidden to do any work under heavy objects or to walk in order to avoid personal accident.

  3, explosion-proof chain hoists in the lifting process, regardless of weight up or down, pulling the bracelet, the force should be evenly and gently, do not force too much, so as not to beat the chain bracelet or snap ring. If the operator found that the hand pulling force is greater than the normal pulling force, it should be stopped immediately. Maintenance methods: use should be cleaned gourd and coated with anti-rust grease, stored in a dry place. Maintenance and repair should be more familiar with the gourd body to carry out, to prevent those who do not understand the principles of the performance of the machine disassembly.

  4, explosion-proof chain hoist after cleaning and maintenance, should be carried out no-load test to confirm the normal work, reliable braking, to deliver the use. The brake's friction surface must be kept clean. Brake parts should always check to prevent brake failure, the phenomenon of material falling.