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   The Diao sling is mainly the sling of synthetic fiber, which is made of high strength polyester filament yarn. It has the advantages of high strength, abrasion resistance, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet. At the same time, the texture is soft, non-conductive and non-corrosive No harm to the human body), is widely used in various fields.

  Hoisting with the use of norms:

  1, when lifting, do not twist, twisted harness, do not let the harness tied.

  2, to avoid tearing sewing joint parts or work overload.

  3, to avoid the threat of robbery or shock loading strap.

  4, if the tape is contaminated with chemicals or use at high temperatures, suppliers should seek advice.

  Lifting belt maintenance and care:

  1, do not drag and drop while moving hoisting belt and goods. Do not knot it.

  2, the soft ring should not be connected with any device that may cause damage and wear to it.

  3, when carrying, should not make it twist screw.

  4, should not be used without a jacket carrying a sharp angle, edge of the cargo.

  5, should avoid soft ring open angle over 20 °.

  6, the tape should be stored in the dark and no UV radiation conditions.

  7, lifting strap should not be stored near open flame or other heat sources.

  8, do not use the sling, the sling should be placed in a good place light.