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   Yu Diao production of monorail travel widely applicable to factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, etc., for the installation of machinery and equipment, lifting goods occasions. Monorail driving safety, easy maintenance. Monorail car compact structure, small installation size. Monorail wheel spacing adjustment easy, suitable for a variety of I-beam.

  Hand pulling monorail car: hand monorail driving with bracelet driving, walking in the lower edge of the track I-beam, together with the chain hoist can be composed of bridge, single beam or cantilever crane. Monorail car left and right wall hinge link, under the action of gravity, can be adjusted height, so that the four wheels force evenly. Monorail car transmission high efficiency, hand pull small. And in a smaller radius of the bend on the road.

  Hand monorail trolley: Hand monorail trolley to lift heavy objects driven by hand, walking on the edge of the lower wing of the I-track, the chain hoists or other hoisting machinery hanging under the car can be composed of manual lifting transport The trolley is installed on monorail overhead transmission line of straight or curved road or manual single beam, bridge type and cantilever crane. It is widely used in factories, mines, wharfs, docks, warehouses and machine rooms to install machines, lift cargoes, Especially suitable for equipment maintenance without power supply.

  Monorail driving precautions:

  1, the car is not allowed to exceed the rated load capacity.

  2, the car lifting heavy objects, no person walking under heavy objects or work.

  3, bearings and rails should be regularly filled with grease, and check whether the fasteners loose.