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  Chain rigging can be said to be indispensable for lifting products, spare parts, Yu Diao lifting production of the main chain of rigging, including lifting the chain, hooks, shackles, rings and so on. Yu Diao sling production of high quality alloy steel, its prominent feature is wear-resistant, high temperature, low ductility, after the force will not be extended.

  When selecting the specifications of the sling, it is necessary to include the coefficient of the mode of use which affects the size, the weight, the shape and the hoisting method to be used, which are affected by the load to be taken into consideration in consideration of the limit working force requirement, and the working environment, The type of load must be considered. Must choose both adequate capacity, but also to meet the use of the appropriate length of the sling, if more than one sling load to be used simultaneously, you must choose the same type of sling; flat sling material can not be the environment or Load effect. Regardless of the attachment or soft lugs required, careful consideration must be given to the end of the sling and auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment to match.

  Yu Diao lifting a variety of lifting the lifting chain, all kinds of various sling, quality guaranteed, in line with European CE safety standards.