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   Steel plate lifting clamp is a tool for lifting steel plate. Steel lifting pliers by lifting the use of methods are divided into horizontal lifting pliers and vertical lifting pliers. Horizontal hanging lifting tongs have the characteristics of uniform distribution of the level of lifting, lifting operations, the horizontal clamp jaw open, firmly grip the weight of the work to be done, and then lifting. When disassembled, heavy objects should be placed on the ground, without load, remove the tongs. Vertical hanging clamp with self-locking device, safe and reliable. Easy to operate, high work efficiency, easy maintenance.

  Plate lifting clamp Note:

  1, hanging hanging operation should be carried out by hanging hanging hanging operation qualified person.

  2, use and use consistent hanging clamp.

  3, within the allowable load range, shall not be overloaded.

  4, within the allowable plate thickness range.

  5, shall not enter the scope of hoisting operations or flip area.

  6, do not beat or impact hanging objects and spreaders.

  7, shall not make the drape move rapidly or stop abruptly.

  8, to avoid the emphasis on hanging objects, it is best to use more than 2 hanging tongs for safety.

  9, before use to check, bite head, gaskets, interdental blockage, wear status and other anomalies, check before use.